The Israeli Aerospace Medicine Institute's (IAMI) mission is to serve the profession, and to benefit the individual and institutional members. IAMI addresses the needs of physicians, scientists and allied professionals who conceive, develop, operate and work in the Aerospace Medicine field, as well as innovators who bring forth new concepts and educators in various institutions.

Major areas of emphasis for fulfilling this mission are accomplished by:

1. Acting as a catalyst for information flow and creative exchange by providing forums where professionals     can meet their counterparts in their own and allied disciplines and field, present their findings and     discoveries and exchange views.

2. Leading a strong and proactive international focus by actively seeking and initiating participation in     international forums and joint activities with other institutes worldwide.

3. Supporting the educational process, which brings into being future generations of Aviation and Space     Medicine professionals by nurturing interest among students, by involving a wide representation of     members and by involving enrolled students as pre-professional members of IAMI.

4. Where appropriate, providing a voice for the professional community in public policy debate and informing     the public of the value of technological leadership.

5. Constantly expanding the horizons of the Institute to reflect changing technological opportunities, and     competitive challenges in Aerospace Medicine.